E-safety statement

A thorough and age appropriate e-safety curriculum is delivered to all pupils at Paxton to teach children how to stay safe when using computing technology in school or at home.

This learning is delivered throughout each new computing topic and is woven through the curriculum in computing and PSHCE. This is to ensure that children are given constant teaching of the importance of remaining safe online. We follow the Teach Computing scheme of work which is funded by the Department for Education. 

In addition, each lesson starts with a recap of the 4 C's which remind the children to stay safe online with:

*  Content (what you look at online)
*  Contact (who you speak to online)
*  Conduct (how you behave online )
*  Commerce (why you are being asked for money)

Additional information for parents about how to keep children safe online can be found on the website links below.







You can also read our full policy on e-safety on our Policies Page.