The intent for our Spanish curriculum

At Paxton Academy, we believe that all children should develop a passion for learning a Modern Foreign Language and form an understanding and appreciation for other languages and cultures.

We create an environment all our children to strengthen their skills in using Spanish to express their thoughts and ideas confidently, creating a love for communicating in different languages. We ensure all children understand the importance of learning about other cultures, traditions and celebrations. Our children are encouraged to think about the future opportunities that learning Spanish can provide, such as living and working abroad.

The implementation of the Spanish curriculum

At Paxton Academy, Spanish is taught from Year 3 to Year 6 once a week and is delivered by the class teacher. Children learn Spanish through songs, grammar games and stories. Children are also exposed to Spanish reading and writing tasks, helping them to develop an understanding of how languages work.

Most of the Spanish sessions are delivered in the target language, allowing our children to improve their speaking and listening skills in Spanish.

Teachers plan and deliver the lessons using the Rachel Hawke scheme of work which allows for a consistent approach across the school. Staff use this to effectively teach and model the correct pronunciation and provide activities for the children to move their learning from the short term to long term memory.