At Paxton Academy, we aim to foster a love of reading which empowers all children to read fluently and to comprehend confidently in all subject areas. We know that reading is the gateway to life so we ensure this fluency and confidence allows all children to be ready for their next year group/key stage and beyond. 




 To ensure all children are fluent readers, the staff at Paxton Academy ensure that:


  • Children in Reception and Y1 have a daily 30-minute phonics lesson following the accredited, systematic synthetic phonics programme: Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised.
  • Children in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 who need additional support with reading follow the Keep Up programme, the Blending programme or the Catch-Up programme for as long as needed to close gaps.
  • Children from Y2 – Y6 have a daily 30-minute whole class reading lessons with opportunities to read aloud each day to their learning partner.
  • There are regular opportunities in whole class reading for children in KS2 to echo read passages with their teacher to develop their own prosody skills.
  • Children in Reception and Y1 have 3x 15-minute group reading sessions a week with one focusing on decoding and one focusing on prosody.  
  • Termly summative assessments with a fluency tracker to monitor reading speed and accuracy.  
  • Parents are provided with information about how to support reading fluency at home.
  • Children across the school take home a Harper Collins Big Cat book each week matched to their phonics/reading ability to practise their fluency.
  • Children who need extra reading support access this through opportunities such as BookMark reading volunteer, additional 1:1 reading in class and/or tutoring from the Covid Catch-Up Tutor.


To ensure all children comprehend confidently, the staff at Paxton Academy ensure that:


  • Daily whole class reading lessons focus on teaching the following skills each day: triggering prior knowledge, predicting, reading, clarifying, questioning, and summarising
  • Children across the school have access to quality-first whole-class teaching and high-quality discussions of texts being read including answering a range of question types.
  • Children have access to listen to and read a range of texts that are engaging and representative of the community and world in which they live.
  • Children in Reception/Y1 have 3x 15-minute group reading sessions a week with one focusing on comprehension.   
  • Children across the school have access to and learn a range of genres: each half term each class studies fiction, non-fiction and poetry.
  • All year groups are explicitly taught key vocabulary to support with reading comprehension and these words are then followed up for homework.
  • Writing lessons are based around what the text that children have read in their whole class reading sessions to ensure multiple opportunities to revisit characters, themes and plots.
  • Children across the school choose a reading for pleasure book each week which can be shared with their family.
  • Reading for pleasure is timetabled each week for every class to encourage children to share books with their friends.




 To ensure consistency throughout the school, leaders ensure that:


  • Staff receive regular training  
  • Termly summative assessments are monitored and appropriate intervention put in place following Pupil Progress meetings with SLT.
  • Parents are provided with information throughout the year about how to support their child and have access to the Harper Collins E-book library.
  • Learning walks provide opportunities for both formal and informal feedback
  • We regularly invest in new literature for reading for pleasure


As a result of this, pupils make good progress from their starting points, teaching and learning is consistent and children enjoy reading!