The intent for our music curriculum 

At Paxton Academy we believe that every student should be given an opportunity to study and enjoy music. Our children learn how to be a valuable member of a musical group where they build their social skills and confidence. We ensure all children have extra music sessions as we believe music education offers young people the chance to understand, perform and create in an acoustic dimension that often sits outside their capacity to describe in words. We aim to develop a love for music - we know the music the children love will be part of the narrative of their lives and bring colour to the experiences that shape them.

The implementation of our music curriculum 

All children at Paxton Academy have a weekly music lesson following the award-winning music scheme 'Churanga'. In addition to this, Y4 benefit from a weekly keyboard lesson with Yamaha Music School and Y5 and Y6 have a weekly lesson with a specialist steel pan teacher to ensure exposure to a wide range of musical opportunities.