The intent for our art curriculum

The art curriculum at Paxton Academy has been designed to engage, inspire and challenge pupils in the highest form of human creativity. Art is a creative tool used to communicate and express ideas and responses to what we experience in the ever-changing world around us. We aim to expose children to a variety of diverse artists and craftspeople, who played a key role in shaping our history, in order to encourage them to develop their own personal styles. Students will have the opportunity to explore colour, form, patterns, line and texture through a variety of techniques and processes. By the end of Year 6 children at Paxton Academy will have acquired the skills and artistic experiences needed to fuel their imagination and allow them to flourish as artists.

The implementation of our art curriculum

Our approach to teaching art allows children to develop their mastery in drawing, painting and sculpture, and be able to understand and recall historical developments expressed in a variety of art forms. We understand the importance of developing an appreciation of the arts, as this helps to deepen a child’s understanding of the world around them. By teaching our children about great artists and artworks they will be able to develop their cultural understanding and apply critical thinking skills.

At Paxton Academy, we teach through a balance of both observational and experimental activities so that children can represent the world around them but also feel confident experimenting with techniques and ideas. We encourage creativity in our children’s sketchbooks, which are designed to gather information, explore and develop skills, and record responses from their experiences within art, craft and design sessions. At the end of each unit there are opportunities for the children to reflect and evaluate their own pieces of work as well as give and receive feedback from staff and their peers. This strengthens their ability to acknowledge and learn from constructive criticism and use these next steps to improve or modify their work.