The intent for our geography curriculum

Our geography curriculum is designed to foster children’s curiosity and fascination about the world and the people around them. Our aim is to develop and extend children’s knowledge of the world around them, as local, national and global citizens and equip them with knowledge of diverse places and people. Both in and outside of the classroom, we create the environment for all pupils to deepen their knowledge of location, place and the interaction of the human and physical processes by equipping them with relevant geography skills in an ever-changing world.

The implementation of our geography curriculum

At Paxton Academy, our geography lessons are taught through an enquiry based approach.  Pupils are taught to become proficient when asking and answering relevant questions.  They will collect and analyse data and draw conclusions from this.  Learning each half term is centred around a key enquiry question.  Weekly lessons focus on teaching the correct knowledge and skills in order to ensure that pupils can confidently and coherently provide an answer to the key question at the end of the term.  Through engaging discussions, investigations, fieldwork and the use of relevant resources, children will deepen their knowledge on each chosen topic. At Paxton, we follow carefully designed lessons that ensure the development of geographical skills and ensure that pupil knowledge consolidates, develops and extends during their time at primary school. Lessons aim to ensure that the component knowledge builds up to ensure a deep knowledge that can be easily remembered and accessed from long term memory.