Physical Education

The intent for our physical education curriculum

Our approach to teaching physical education allows every child to access a broad PE curriculum and provides students with the opportunity to engage and excel within competitive sports and activities.

Our curriculum prepares and encourages pupils to lead active lives, resulting in an increase in confidence and a drive to maintain a high level of health and fitness. We aim to develop a love and passion for sport which will continue into the children’s later lives. Our approach is to empower children to make links between exercise and its positive impact on physical and mental well-being.

The implementation of our physical education curriculum 

Paxton children are exposed to a wide range of individual and team games which build character and help to embed our school values such as teamwork, resilience and respect. PE lessons begin with a recapping of previous knowledge and skills to strengthen the learning and make links with upcoming lessons. Our enquiry-based lessons allow children to start the unit with a simplified skill that develops over the half term in a competitive environment with appropriate challenge.

Our lessons focus on the following three areas:

Motor competence, rules, strategies and tactics and healthy participation. Our development of children’s fundamental movement skills will ensure stability within future physical activities.