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As children’s whole development is important to us we aim to provide a well rounded education in which academic, personal, physical, creative, social, moral and spiritual elements are intrinsic and important parts.

The International Primary Curriculum (The IPC)

The IPC is an internationally renowned world class, curriculum which is recognised by Ofsted as an innovative, topic based curriculum which can enrich children’s learning experiences and raise achievement in maths and Literacy. The curriculum goes beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum developing pupils’ academic, personal and international learning across a range of subjects. The 90+ cross- curricular themes are exciting and motivate children to learn. The curriculum has been designed with the needs of the 21st Century learner in mind and is grounded in brain research which includes learning styles and multiple intelligences.

Through this curriculum we aim to provide our pupils with memorable learning experiences and a wealth of cultural enrichment through trips and visits including high-quality, first hand experiences of the richness and diversity of the local community and communities in other parts of the UK and the wider world. The over-riding objectives are for our pupils to see learning as fun and for learning to be an active process where pupils see connections and ‘the big picture.’ Pupils will be given the chance to pursue their own questions within a topic/theme and develop key cross-curricular life skills such as problem-solving, communication, creativity, leadership skills, thinking and working as part of a team.

Further Enrichment Opportunities

At Paxton, we believe that learning should be enjoyable and so we will constantly strive to find new ways to teach material. This will take the form of special visitors from the local community as well as taking full advantage of our proximity to central London with its concert halls, theatres, galleries and museums.

There are also plans for a 3 day residential science and geography field trip in Year 3 and a week- long residential in Year 6 to help our pupils to develop important life skills in preparation for transition to secondary school.


It is our goal to find potential in all children and develop their talents and self-confidence so they can achieve their personal best. We acknowledge that all children learn differently and therefore no one teaching style is preferred. We aim for variety and interest and above all to make our pupils think. We subscribe to the following principles of teaching and learning:

• No limits should be placed on what a child can achieve.

• Excellent language, literacy and numeracy skills underpin success in learning.

• High expectations and aspirations lead to high standards in behaviour and learning.

• Happy, healthy, confident pupils who are taught core values, knowledge, essential skills and attitudes will be successful in school and later in life.

• Lessons should be stimulating, relevant to the needs of pupils, abilities and interests and challenging, so all learners make good progress within lessons and over time.

• Teaching should inspire all pupils to be ‘the best they can be’ and to aim for excellence. We will aspire to all teaching being consistently ‘good’ with the majority of lessons being ‘outstanding.’

• Fully informed and engaged parents are essential for the success of the school.

Teachers will go the extra mile to build trust and ensure excellent open communication with pupils and their parents.


All children will be divided into five houses on admission. The house system is an important part of our pastoral care and will help us to create a secure family like environment for our pupils. Children will learn to compete in areas such as debating, sport, general knowledge, spelling, enterprise initiatives, times tables and punctuality developing a range of transferrable skills which include communication, team work, leadership, creativity, risk taking and problem- solving. They will also build relationships with children in their house but in different year groups as well as less familiar teaching and support staff.

All children are expected to follow the school rules at all times to maintain a calm, purposeful learning environment free from bullying and anti-social behaviour. We give a copy of our expectations of behaviour and our core values to all parents and staff. The purpose of this is to help members of our community understand what is expected and to encourage courtesy and consideration for others.


All pupils will be required to wear the full school uniform which is available from Bubblegum, our school uniform shop (Opposite Tesco Thornton Heath High Street)