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Admissions Policy

1. Introduction

a)   Paxton Academy Trust participates in the co-ordinated admission arrangements operated by the Local Authority.
b)   Paxton Academy Trust will act in accordance with, and will ensure that an Independent Appeals Panel is trained to act in accordance with, all relevant provisions of the School Admissions Code and the Schools Admission Appeals Code published by the Department for Education (“the Codes”) as they apply at any given time to maintained schools. For this purpose, reference in the Codes or legislation to “admission authorities” shall be deemed to be references to the governing body of Paxton Academy Trust.
c)   The Academy welcomes visits from parents and children before application and will be as flexible as possible to accommodate parents. Please contact Reception to arrange a time to look around the academy with a senior leader.

2. Published Admission Number (PAN)

Paxton Academy admits up to 90 children to Reception each year. At capacity the school roll will be 630 pupils (excluding nursery). The governors will keep this number under review.

3. Aims and objectives

a)   The governors of Paxton Academy (Paxton Academy Trust) are responsible for pupil admissions and are committed to providing an excellent education for a fully comprehensive, non-selective intake.

b)   The Admissions policy is written to reflect the inclusiveness of our Academy in meeting the diverse needs of children in the local community.

c)   All applications will be treated on merit, and in a sensitive manner.

d)   A child’s level of ability is irrelevant to this school’s Admissions policy, as are any special needs the child may have.

4. How parents and carers can apply for their child to be admitted to Paxton Academy

a)   Paxton Academy Trust determines the admission arrangements in agreement with the local authority’s published Admissions Code. Parents and carers can receive a copy of these regulations directly from the Local Authority (LA).

b)   The LA’s annual admissions prospectus informs parents and carers how to apply for a place at the school of their choice. Parents and carers have a right to express their preference, but this does not, in itself, guarantee a place at that particular school. Applications should be made on a form that can be obtained from the local authority admissions department, or via the e-admissions portal and should be returned by the date stipulated. The LA will notify parents and carers of the decision as soon as all the applications have been considered. Following this, if successful ,Paxton academy will confirm the offer in writing. Parents will be required to inform the LA whether they wish to accept or decline the offer within a specified time scale.

c)   Paxton Academy Trust will consider all applications for places at the Academy. Where fewer than the published admission numbers are received, Paxton Academy will offer places to all those who have applied.

d)   The Academy will provide for the admission of all children in the September following their fourth birthday. However, following the offer and acceptance of a place, parents can defer the date that their child takes up their place, or decide that their child will attend school part-time, until their child reaches five-statutory school age or (for children born between 1 April and 31 August) until the beginning of the summer term of that academic year, without their child losing their place.

e)   The only restriction we place on entry is that of number. If the number of children applying for entry exceeds the places available, we adopt the over-subscription rule set out below to determine whether a child is to be accepted or not. It is our wish for parents and carers to find a place for their child at the school of their choice. However, this is not always possible, due to excess demand on the places available.

5. Admission of Summer Born Children Outside their Normal Age Range

Where children are born between 1 April and 31 August (generally referred to as ‘summer born children’) parents may decide that they want to delay their child starting school until the September after the child has reached compulsory school age on 31 August. Nevertheless, any place aready obtained for the child in Reception year in the usual way can not be held for that child for the duration of that school year, and parents will need to re-apply for admission the following year. Such applications will be considered in the usual way along with all other applications, applying the oversubscription criteria for that year as necessary. As a place can not be held for their child in Reception year, parents should keep under consideration the possibility that there may not be any available places in Year 1 the following year.

Parents of summer born children may request that their child is admitted the following year outside of his or her normal age range into Reception year instead of Year 1, however there is no automatic right to this. Paxton Academy Trust will make a decision, having taken into account the circumstances of each case on a case by case basis. Where the request is agreed by the Trust, the application will be considered with all applications in the usual way, applying the oversubscription criteria as necessary.

The procedure for parents of summer born children wanting to defer entry into Reception for one school year is set out further below under ‘Admission of Children Outside their Normal Age Group’.

6. Children with Statements of Special Educational Needs

Paxton Academy will admit all children with a statement of special educational needs, where the Academy is named on the statement.

7. Late Applications

Any application forms received after the closing date, set by the LA will be considered late applications and will be dealt with after all applications received on time.

8. Offer of places

a)   If your application has been successful, you will in informed by writing. No information will be provided to applicants over the telephone.

b)   Applicants to whom places are offered will be required to return a reply slip to the academy and to inform the LA of their decision whether to accept or reject the offer by the date set out by the Local Authority (check Croydon Council’s Website).

c)   Parents/carers can request that their child attends on a part-time basis until they reach compulsory school age, or that the date that their child is admitted is deferred until later in the academic year in which the child reaches compulsory school age (see below).

9. Appeals Procedure

a)   Unsuccessful applicants will be given an opportunity to appeal against the decision to an Independent Appeals Panel set up in accordance with the statutory provisions in force at the time.

b)   The determination of the appeal panel will be binding on all parties in accordance with the Schools Admissions Appeal Code December 2014.

c)   Full details of the appeals process will be sent to unsuccessful applicants with the decision letter.

Where a child is not successful in achieving an offer of a place, the child’s parents will be told the reason why admission was refused and that they are entitled to appeal to an independent admission appeal panel within a specified amount of time under the provisions of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998. The academy will provide information to parents about the appeals process and provide the parents with a named contact who can answer any enquiries they may have about the appeals process. Parents lodging an appeal must set out the grounds of the appeal in writing.

The admission appeal panel will be independent of the academy. The academy has agreed with the Local Authority for them to deal with the administrative side of arranging admission appeal hearings for the academy. The determination of the admission appeal panel will be made in accordance with the Schools Admission Appeals Code 2012 and will be binding on all parties.

10. Restrictions on Infant Class Sizes

The statutory maximum number of pupils within a class in Reception Year, Year 1 and Year 2 is 30 pupils.

There are, however, statutory exceptions to this rule, including children with a statement of special educational needs/education health and care plan which names the school, looked after and previously looked after children admitted outside of the normal admission round, children of UK services personnel admitted outside of the normal admission round, and twins and siblings from a multiple birth. Children falling into these categories may be admitted over the statutory maximum class size of 30 pupils without breaching the regulations, in which case they will be an “excepted pupil” until the class size falls back to 30 pupils. The statutory maximum class size does not apply to Years 3 to 6.

11. Waiting List

a)   In addition to the right to appeal, unsuccessful applicants will be placed on the waiting list which will operate until the final term of the school year.
b)   Where places become vacant, applicants on the waiting list will be ranked in accordance with the oversubscription criteria and the place allocated to.